Many people see the roots of polarization and hate in the information ecosystem in which we are embedded. This leads us to conversations about disinformation, platform power, and the politics of speech. I see the roots differently. In my mind, polarization and hate are expressions of a fractured social graph…

Screenagers in the time of coronavirus

Photo: Rebecca Nelson/Getty Images

IfIf you’re a parent trying to corral your children into attending “school” online, you’ve probably had the joy of witnessing a complete meltdown. Tantrums are no longer the domain of two-year-olds; 15-year-olds are also kicking and screaming. Needless to say, so are the fortysomethings. Children are begging to go outside…

‘I benefited from the generosity of men who tolerated and, in effect, enabled unethical, immoral, and criminal men.’

Courtesy of danah boyd

LLast night, I was honored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Alongside Oakland Privacy and William Gibson, I received a 2019 Barlow/Pioneer Award. I was asked to give a speech. As I reflected on what got me to this place, I realized I needed to reckon with how I have benefited…

danah boyd

researcher of technology & society | Microsoft Research, Data & Society, NYU |

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