• David Crespo

    David Crespo

  • dLaw


    Enabler of info-Security ninjas, bio(hacking)-curious, Music, mash-it/make-it, politics, tech, Stuff and Things. MINE ∈ {'these tweets', . . .}

  • Lou Arruda

    Lou Arruda

    Just another anime/gamer geek coder who is also an aviation nut and pilot wannabe.

  • manikantan ks

    manikantan ks

  • Brian Stark

    Brian Stark

  • Savanna Blade

    Savanna Blade

  • Aníbal Rossi

    Aníbal Rossi

    Docente e investigador Multiversitario. El análisis y rediseño de interfaces educativas es, hoy, mi horizonte de trabajo.

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