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  • Tiffany Meshkat

    Tiffany Meshkat

    Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Research at Crisis Text Line

  • Shannon Green

    Shannon Green

    Research Program Manager at Crisis Text Line

  • Lili Torok

    Lili Torok

    Senior Data Researcher at Crisis Text Line

  • Bob Filbin

    Bob Filbin

  • Michael Running Wolf Jr.

    Michael Running Wolf Jr.

    Montana Native American Software Engineer for Buffalo Tongue Inc, a non-profit. He has an interest in indigenous cultural revitalization.

  • Joy Buolamwini

    Joy Buolamwini

    Founder Algorithmic Justice League. www.ajl.org | www.poetofcode.com | Telling stories that make daughters of diasporas dream and sons of privilege pause

  • Chaitan Baru

    Chaitan Baru

    Currently, Senior Advisor, Data Science Research Initiatives, UC San Diego. Was first Senior Advisor for Data Science at National Science Foundation, Wash DC.

  • D&S Media Manipulation: Dispatches from the Field

    D&S Media Manipulation: Dispatches from the Field

    Investigating the socio-technical aspects of media manipulation ranging from the social, political, economic incentives to spread disinformation.

  • Francesca Tripodi

    Francesca Tripodi

    Sociologist and media scholar studying Wikipedia, Google, and other participatory media platforms. @ftripodi / www.ftripodi.com

  • John Herrman

    John Herrman

    Co-editor, The @Awl

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